Working with .screenrc file for a better screen experience

The .screenrc file resides in your home folder which is /home/<your_username>/.screenrc 

Opening multiple default screen windows when `screen` starts:

In this case 2 default windows with the first one at the bash prompt and the second one starting the python prompt.

Enter the following one after the other in your ~/.screenrc  

screen -t Shell 1 bash
screen -t Python 2 python

Selecting the 0th window on screen launch, if multiple windows open:

select 0

Go to the screen number mapped with that character:

Bind a character to the index of the screen window pane.

In this case bind character j to window index number 1 and so on. Use it by typing <Ctrl-a> j to go to Window pane 1.

bind j select 1
bind k select 2
bind l select 3

Bind v to vertical split of window and h to horizontal split of the window.

bind v split -v
bind h split -h

The above creates regions on your main window splitting it vertically like below.

And then the right half of the window further split horizontally like below.

If you wish to delete of kill the regions created by the vertical and horizontal split just type your main Command character and Shift+x like so. In this case the screen command character key is Ctrl-a and upper case x.

Ctrl-a X

Thanks for reading up until here. We’ll come back with more interesting stuff soon.

Happy screening…!

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