Working with .screenrc file for a better screen experience

The .screenrc file resides in your home folder which is /home/<your_username>/.screenrc  Opening multiple default screen windows when `screen` starts: In this case 2 default windows with the first one at the bash prompt and the second one starting the python prompt. Enter the following one after the other in your ~/.screenrc   screen -t Shell 1 bash […]

Working with Python Virtual environment on Ubuntu

Virtual environment (virtualenv) helps us have different python versions & different python libraries and their versions installed on our system in isolated environment (environment in this case is basically a folder/directory) without affecting our global system python version & its libraries. Installing python virtual environment is not too difficult on your system. Just open the terminal ( […]

A few things to do with screen command and screen session in Linux

Today we’ll try to see a few things we can do with the screen command. If you wish to have multiple bash terminals running in the same terminal window without creating multiple terminal windows or terminal tabs, screen is the command you would want to aim at. So let’s see what options does screen command […]