How to ignore new files or folders without .gitignore

Ignore new files folders without gitignore

There’s a simple way to ignore files/folders to stop showing up in your git status. Please remember these are the “new” files and folders that we will ignore from git and not the files/folders that have already been added and are existing in your git repo.

Add them in the .git/info/exclude file.

Let’s exclude a file random.txt which is in your root folder where you have the .git file, without using .gitignore.

# Open .git/info/exclude and enter random.txt

Now, let’s exclude a sub_folder.

# Open .git/info/exclude and enter sub_folder_name

And that’s how we can use .git/info/exclude file for ignoring files/folders in git.

That’s all for today!

Happy Git-ing!

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