How to Install Docker on Windows

In this blog, let us see how to download Docker on our Windows PC. 

Docker Community Edition (CE) is ideal for developers and small teams looking to get started with Docker and experimenting with container-based apps. Docker CE has three types of update channels, ​stable​, ​test​, and ​nightly​

Stable​ gives you the latest releases for general availability. 
Test​ gives pre-releases that are ready for testing before general availability. 
Nightly​ gives you the latest builds of work in progress for the next major release

We will be downloading the community edition named as Docker Desktop as it is free of cost. You can experiment with this edition and learn to build applications using it. 

There are certain system requirements to consider before starting your installation-

  1. You will need a Windows 10 64-bit PC– It can be Pro, Enterprise or Education (Build 15063 or later)
  2. You should have a CPU SLAT-capable feature
  3. Your PC should have at least 4 GB RAM, 8 GB is ideal for achieving good performance whereas 16 GB will enable a smooth experience to the user.
  4. Docker will not work with VMware or Virtual Box, you will need to pre-install Hyper-V on your Windows 10 PC for Docker to work.

Step 1 – Installing Docker desktop on Windows

The prime step as always is to visit the official website and download the necessary files- Docker Desktop for Windows

You can Sign in on your PC if you have an existing Docker ID or you can simply create a new one Docker Hub Sign up page

For creating a new account, you will again need a docker ID

Docker ID can be created by using a combination of numbers and alphabets, setting up password, email and further completing your Docker profile with necessary details.
Login to your mentioned email and verify to complete the procedure
Once your verification is successful, click on Get Started
Click on Download Docker for Windows.

The installer which is a 541 MB file can be downloaded only if you open an account on Docker. Benefits include downloading docker images in future.

Step 2 – Running the Installer

Click on the downloaded installer file to open the installation wizard. Grant necessary permissions when prompted for and wait for the process to complete.

Step 3 – Configuration and using Docker on Windows

The configuration screen will show up once the previous steps are completed.
You can select the option to create a desktop icon for Docker.
The other option is to choose between Linux and Windows, It can be selected as per choice and can be altered later.
Click on OK to start the installation process and wait for it to complete.
Double clicking on the docker icon on your desktop window will start Docker.

Step 4 – Disabling startup feature of Docker

This isn’t a necessary step but a recommended step.
Docker is known to use a lot of RAM. By default, as you log in or restart your PC, Docker application starts, ending up consuming a lot of RAM.
To prevent this, you can disable Docker from starting at startup.

To change this setting,
Click on Settings– General Tab– Uncheck Start Docker when you log in

These are the necessary steps to follow while installing Docker on your Windows 10 PC. Hope you go through them easily!

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